Some buildings with fire damage.

Restoration After Fire and Smoke Damage

If your home has been damaged by a fire, then you will most likely need to deal with combustion byproducts, VOC’s, and smoke odors. Our free resources will help you learn why chemicals released after a typical structure fire pose serious health threats, and what you need to know about the restoration and cleaning process for fabrics and textiles.

The Hidden Hazards of Fire Soot
The Toxic Assault on the Human Body
Steps to Ensure a Restored Indoor Air Environment…and more

Textile Contamination and Exposure
The Use of Ozone – Friend or Foe?
Children’s Vulnerability to Toxic Chemicals…and more

 Before you enter an area affected by fire or smoke, this free tool has 12 safety tips

What to do after the fire is out, soot and smoke damage tips

Debris and vehicle removal, handling ash from burned structures

Depreciation basics, tips on settling claims, residential claims guide