House fire

Fire Preparedness

How to make a Home Fire Escape Plan – NFPA
The National Fire Protection Association offers tips on how to plan and test an effective fire escape plan. Look for the downloadable “escape planning grid” that lets kids help with a family escape plan.

Ready! Set! Go! Personal Wildfire Action Plan
This 12-page guide offered by the Los Angeles County Fire Department gives tips and tools to successfully prepare for a wildfire, and gives guidance on retrofitting your home with fire-resistant features.

Build Your Family Fire Escape Plan (requires Flash Player)
The Burn Institute Fire Escape Plan is an invaluable tool that allows you to build a personal family escape plan that incorporates all the rooms in your home.  Flash Player required-not available for iPhone.

Home Fire Safety Checklist for Kids (PDF)
A fun worksheet for kids to learn about fire safety planning.  Print this 2-page PDF from the National Fire Protection Association

Videos: Fire Preparedness By San Miguel Fire District

Provided in cooperation by the San Miguel Consolidated Fire Protection District and Farmers Insurance, this educational video program called Before The Threat, illustrates things you can do before a fire to protect your home. The videos provide interviews with homeowners who have survived fires and share how they are now better prepared.

1. What You Can Do Before A Fire – Preparing Your Property

2. Be Prepared to Evacuate – Your To-Go Box and Other Emergency Tips

3. Be Prepared Before the Threat – Review of Preparedness Tips

Videos: How to protect your home from wildfire embers

1. Be Ember Aware Video – Information about the danger of fire embers

2. Be Ember Aware Video – Information about protecting your home from fire embers