Tornado Damage In Iowa

Hurricane Preparedness

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-Hurricanes
Find links to resources to help when returning home to a flooded house, and safety tips to stay safe after the storm.

Hurricane Preparedness by The National Weather Service
This page offers guidance on how to gather information, plan and take action, and recover.  Included are links to help with your specific risks, if you are away from home, caring for animals, or if you live in a marine area.

Hurricane_AndrewHurricane Mobile App by the American Red Cross
This page provides links to iOS and Andriod supported apps for tools and preparedness on a variety of topics like Hurricane, Flood and Tornado.

Healthy Eating Tips to Ride out the Storm
Information on healthy foods to stockpile during hurricane season.  Includes eating tips to help your family be hurricane ready.

Hurricane Resources from Sea Grant Louisiana
This list of general resources covers everything from knowing your rights, emergency kits, what you need to know about safe drinking water, and lots more.

Natural Disaster Preparedness by Drexel University (opens new window)
This website offers a large variety of preparedness resources.  You can search by type of disaster, or resource type.  They offer several resources specific to hurricane preparedness.

Google Public Alerts
See important alerts regarding public safety, storm, earthquake and more from across the web anytime you need it.  Use the details for a list of alerts or click Map for a global view.

Be Red Cross Ready – Hurricane Safety Checklist (PDF)
This one-page checklist by the American Red Cross provides a handy reference to be sure you are ready with supplies and expectations for recovery.

Hurricane vs. Typhoon
Learn about the difference storm types, where they occur and differences in impact.  The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale is provided to show the categories of winds.

Hurricanes – Be Ready – by FEMA
Find hurricane basics on the before, during and after, how to prepare your home, and links to related hurricane resources.

NOAA Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook
Produced in collaboration with the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and the Hurricane Research Division (HRD), you will find real-time hurricane monitoring and predictions.. The Atlantic hurricane region includes the North Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico.

Hurricane Preparedness – on Wikipedia
Information about individual and organized preparations.  This page includes information on home retrofitting in advance of a hurricane.

Video:  Home Preparation – Hurricane Preparedness

Watch tips and information about how to prepare your home to be without power during a hurricane or tropical storm.