Some buildings with fire damage.

Addressing Toxic Smoke Particulates in Fire Restoration

Addressing Toxic Smoke Particulates in fire restorationAfter a fire, tens of thousands of toxic chemicals and gasses are produced from the vast array of materials and products that have burned. This white paper provides compelling information, gleaned from many credible sources that explains the risks and health hazards regarding smoke and suggestions on what you can do to protect yourself and your family from toxic smoke and particulate exposure.

In this free tool:

  • What is Smoke?
  • The Hidden Hazards of Fire Soot
  • Toxic Chemicals and Gases
  • Toxicokinetics and Mechanism of Toxicity
  • Firefighter Exposure to Smoke Particulates
  • Health Implications
  • The Toxic Assault on the Human Body
  • Particulate Matter and Air Pollution
  • Ozone – Reasons You Should Never us an Ozone Generator to Clean Indoor Air
  • Steps to Ensure a Restored Indoor Air Environment

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