Some buildings with fire damage.

Recovery Resources: Community & Crisis Assistance

community volunteersSafe and Well Website
Do you know how to notify family that you are safe and well after a disaster?  This website allows you to identify yourself or search for others as “safe and well”.  Be prepared to use a phone number or address that is familiar to family members and friends since that’s how they will find you.

Emergency Response – EPA
EPA responds to oil spills, chemical, biological, radiological releases, and large-scale national emergencies. EPA also provides additional response assistance when state and local first responder capabilities have been exhausted or when additional support is requested.

Disaster Distress Helpline – Coping after a tragedy
This 27/7, year-round hotline is dedicated to helping those experiencing emotional distress related to natural or man-made disasters.  It’s free, confidential, and available anywhere in the U.S.

Disaster Assistance Community Resources offers a list of many resources in and around your community that you can connect with to help you move forward. This includes help finding government offices and services near you, in your local community or state.

Disaster Distress Hotline (opens new window)
The Disaster Distress Helpline (DDH) is the first national hotline dedicated to providing year-round disaster crisis counseling. This toll-free, multilingual, crisis support service is available 24/7 via telephone (1-800-985-5990) and SMS (text ‘TalkWithUs’ to 66746).

Disaster Crisis SupportRecovering Emotionally – American Red Cross (opens new window)
Disasters are upsetting experiences for everyone involved. Children, senior citizens, people with disabilities and people for whom English is not their first language are especially at risk and are likely to need extra care and help.  Visit the American Red Cross for tips on coping after a disaster.

FEMA Blog on Recovery:  Stories of Rebuilding Communities (opens new window)
The FEMA site shares many resources, including stories of how communities and neighborhoods have re-built, and reconnected after a disaster.