Some buildings with fire damage.

Home Contractor Scams

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Contractors From (opens new window)
This website provides information and resources on the do’s and don’t’s of home remodeling, hiring contractors, and homeowners rights.  The author shares her story of dealing with a home improvement contractor illustrating why homeowners must take responsibility to ensure they are not violated by unethical contractors.

Video: Customer says contractor stole her jewelry

It’s always a good idea to store valuables in a safe place, possibly even out of house, if you have work done in your home.

Video: Derrick Burrell “Crooked Contractor” Arrested Again While Free on Bail

Derrick Burrell continues to rob Queens Homeowners while free on bail.

Video: Beware of Warren Pointer Restoration Insurance Fraud

Warren Pointer Restoration is performing work with no license leaving victims without recourse.

Video: How to Avoid Being Scammed by a Public Adjuster

Simple advice to save thousands of dollars.

Consumer warnings about public adjusters
Read this couple’s recovery story.  Instead of helping matters, the public adjuster they hired made the claims process longer, messier, and much more frustrating.

Traveling Contractor Scams (opens new window)
A tip sheet from the Contractors State License Board at about how to recognize contracting criminals who rip off homeowners.

How do I avoid scams and fraud after a disaster?
This article by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, provides tips on avoiding scams, and questions to ask before hiring any contracting service after a disaster.

After A Disaster Don’t Get Scammed (opens new window)
Tips provided by the Contractors State License Board at before you hire a contractor.

Hunt on for Woman Accused of Stealing $5 Million from Fire Victims (opens new window)
This news story about the hunt for a contractor scam artist is a clear example of how they use sympathy and comfort as a way to take advantage of those who are vulnerable.  This scam artist attended community support meetings to prey on their victims.

Video: Home Repair Scams – by Consumer Connection

The Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection offers these tips on how to choose the right contractor for your job.

Attorney General Warns of Scams in Aftermath of Waldo Canyon Fire
An article in the Colorado Springs Business Journal encourages people to report scams that prey on their good intentions.

What Seniors Should Know
Contractors State License Board at pamphlet on what senior citizens should know before hiring a contractor and information about common contractor scams.

Don’t Get Burned After A Disaster
Booklet provided by The California Department of Insurance at regarding contractor scams.

Contractors Board Warns Consumers About Unlicensed Contractors After Disasters
Contractors State License Board at warns consumers about unlicensed contractors who often prey on victims of natural disasters.

Video: Contractor Scams by NICB

After a disaster, contractors and others will often go door-to-door in neighborhoods which have sustained damage to offer clean up and/or construction and repair services. Most of these business people are reputable, but many are not. Watch these important tips for disaster survivors by the National Insurance Crime Bureau…”if you didn’t request it, reject it!”

Video: Check the License by CLSB

Don’t miss this video that gives a great illustration to why you should always check the contractor’s license first.

Avoid Post Disaster Scams
Overview of common disaster scams provided by the District Attorney of Monterey County, California at

Debris Removal & Construction Scams
Facts from the Contractors State License Board at regarding debris removal and construction scams, including how to check a contractor’s license.

Video: Disaster Victims Beware – Crooked Contractors

The Insurance Information Institute offers basic guidelines before rebuilding after a natural disaster.

Video: Identifying Disaster Fraud & Scams by FEMA

Advice and red flag warnings when dealing with contractors, especially after a disaster.