Everything you need to recover
from a disaster, in one place.

Don’t let a disaster make you a victim

Because what you don’t know CAN hurt you!

Two types of people emerge from disasters, survivors and victims and a little knowledge can make all the difference. The Red Guide to Recovery is a comprehensive, easy-to-read manual, that walks disaster survivors step-by-step through the recovery process. The information it contains puts survivors on a level playing field and also gives you the ability to prepare for recovery ahead of time. Many first responders refer to it as a literal recovery road-map.

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You deserve to know what to do. In addition to a 10-Point Quick Start checklist for the first 24 hours of recovery, the Guide includes detailed information including:

  • Protecting Your Property
  • Displacement & Relocation
  • Disaster Relief & Financial Assistance
  • Insurance Issues After a Loss
  • Handling Personal Property
  • Smoke & Water Damage
  • Estimating Repair Costs
  • Selecting a Qualified Contractor
  • Public Insurance Adjuster Services
  • Hazardous Material Concerns
  • Safety & Precautions
  • Trauma Intervention & Grief Counseling
  • Avoiding Disaster Scams
  • Phone & Web Directory
  • And Much More…
City of Los Angeles

"I ask that you take the information in this book seriously so that if and when an emergency occurs, we can all work together to respond to the needs of our communities. "

– Eric Garcetti – Mayor – City of Los Angeles

Red Cross

"It is without a doubt that having this book available to issue to disaster victims fast tracks their road to recovery. We are grateful to have this at all our disaster relief/recovery sites. "

– Susy Turnbull – Regional Disaster Officer–American Red Cross

California Fire Chiefs Association

"The California Fire Chief’s Association recommends The Red Guide to Recovery, a comprehensive resource that provides up-to-date information to those who face the daunting task of recovering from destructive events. "

– Tracey M. Hansen – President – California Fire Chief’s Association

National Tribal Emergency Management Council

"The Red Guide to Recovery provides our Native communities with the information they need to recover from disaster events, as well as prepare for recovery in advance. "

– Lynda Zambrano – Executive Director – National Tribal Emergency Mgmt Council

OES-San Diego

"The Red Guide to Recovery is an incredibly valuable tool because the scope and variety of recovery information helps disaster survivors take the first steps to their “new normal. "

– Holly Crawford – Director – County of San Diego Office of Emergency Services

Santa Rosa Police Dept

"Your publication provided a number of insights I had not considered, and several chapters were invaluable in dealing with some of the subsequent issues, in particular how to document losses. "

– Sal Rosano – Chief of Police (Ret.) – Santa Rosa Police Department

San Francisco Fire Dept

"When we saw the Red Guide for the first time we knew that we wanted to be able to provide this to the residents of the City and County of San Francisco to give them some direction and to assist them in beginning the recovery process as soon as possible. "

– Joanne Hayes-White, Chief of the San Francisco Fire Department

Stories and Testimonials

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  • Flood

  • Tornado

  • Hurricane damage

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Local Editions

Only two types of people emerge from disasters, survivors and victims. A little knowledge can make all the difference.

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Secrets of the Insurance Game

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Most people assume everything will be taken care of if they ever have a claim, but what they don't realize, is that there are a lot of pitfalls and landmines along the road to recovery and many become victimized who don't know how to navigate around them.

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The Red Guide:

The Path To Recovery From Crisis

Dan Lamborn

"The Red Guide to Recovery has proven to be an excellent resource to aid victims of fire in our community. As promised, this reference helps prepare victims for the issues they will face during the recovery phase."

– Chief Javier Mainar – Fire Chief, San Diego Fire-Rescue Department

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