Some buildings with fire damage.

Restoring Smoke Damaged Textiles – What Does Clean Mean?

First page of PDF for Restoring Smoke Damaged Textiles - What Does Clean Mean?During a structure fire, toxic smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and particulate matter are generated from the vast array of building materials, contents, and household products that combust. These chemicals mix and interact with each other to create a vast array of carcinogens, poisonous gasses, acids, and other toxins that can cause acute and chronic illnesses, cancer, and even death. Some are so toxic that the EPA has designated them as having a zero level of permissible exposure limit.

In this free tool:

  • What Do We Know?
  • Lessons Learned from the Fire Service
  • Textile Contamination and Exposure
  • Assess and Validate Cleaning Effectiveness
  • The Use of Ozone – Friend or Foe?
  • My Own Experiment Results – A Major Cause for Concern
  • Lab Report: Primary and Secondary Fire Indicators
  • Lab Report: Quantitative and Semiquantitative Results
  • So What Does Clean Mean?
  • Children’s Vulnerability to Toxic Chemicals

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