Some buildings with fire damage.

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Insurance Commissioner Lara issues consumer fraud alert as flood recovery begins in San Diego County
This alert is regarding San Diego consumers to use caution when public adjusters approach them immediately after recent floods. The Department has posted “Don’t Get Scammed After a Disaster” tips in English and Spanish urging consumers not to rush into decisions and to report any suspected illegal actions by contractors or public adjusters.

National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) (opens new window)
This site offers brochures, tips, and personal contacts to help facilitate the identification, detection and prosecution of insurance criminals. The NICB is a non-profit organization that receives support from property/casualty insurance companies and partners with insurers and law enforcement agencies.

Chasing After a Disaster Chaser (opens new window)
This article in the L.A. Times tells of how one storm chaser contractor used insurance fraud to make his fortune, and how hard it is to stop others like him.

Moving Scams

Beware of Moving Scams – CBS News

Imagine it: A moving company packs up your entire house and then holds all your possessions hostage. That’s exactly what happened to Steve and Susie Peeler, reports The Early Show correspondent Melinda Murphy.  Read more about moving scams (opens new window)

Video:  Family Fights Moving Company for Belongings- ABC News

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