Some buildings with fire damage.

Tribal Community

A road vital to the residents of the Moapa Reservation was destroyed by the September 2014 floods.  A major disaster declaration was proclaimed for the state of Nevada on November 5, 2014 due to severe storms and flooding that occurred between September 7 – 9, impacting the Moapa Band of Paiutes tribal nation.  The flooding also caused major damage to Interstate 15 and impaired accessibility to the Moapa River Indian Reservation.  Photo by:  Cristen Hodgers, Acting PIO/Community Liaison for the Moapa River Indian Reservation/FEMADisasters are indiscriminate and often strike without notice or warning.  The Red Guide to Recovery is dedicated to providing valuable disaster preparedness and recovery resources to individuals and communities in need.  In addition to our National Edition, we offer an eBook developed specifically for Native Americans and Tribal Governments.

It can be a challenge for disaster survivors in Tribal Communities to find relevant information to help with recovery.  The Red Guide to Recovery offers recovery resources on our website and a unique step-by-step eBook handbook to help those in tribal communities.

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The Red Guide to Recovery-Native Edition

Tribal Community Disaster Recovery Resources

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Emergency Planning  & Training

“All our plans are for naught…
If we and our fellow employees are not prepared ourselves,  have not prepared our families,
and therefore not able or willing to come to work and perform the necessary tasks
to provide a continuity of operations, to respond to the emergencies,
and safeguard our environment, and our cultural and historic resources…

With knowledge comes understanding…
With understanding comes appreciation and the incentive for realistic planning,
preparation, training and exercising (practice)…

With all these things comes a sense of security, a real security, and an avoidance of panic, chaos,
and waste (of time and resources, and even life itself )…

We avoid losses (personal, physical, and economic), we avoid costs, and future liabilities…
We contribute to our kindred employees’ well being, and that of our communities, and the country
and Tribes we serve…

And we ourselves are the better for it… “