Some buildings with fire damage.

The Greatest Threats to Disaster Recovery

By Sean M. Scott

The greatest threat to disaster recovery: Front page of PDFRecovering from a disaster, especially if you have lost your home, is one of the most difficult and challenging experiences you will ever experience. If you have never personally experienced a disaster event, the recovery process is like trying to navigate a minefield without a map and making one wrong move or taking one wrong step can lead to catastrophe.

The information here is designed to raise awareness of circumstances disaster survivors encounter that can prevent their ability to rebuild their lives. These eight issues have and continue to cause untold heartache and financial devastation to disaster survivors across the U.S., many of which are preventable:

In this free tool learn about:

  • Insufficient insurance coverage
  • Delays in setting your insurance claim
  • Hiring a public adjuster prematurely
  • Hiring a contractor too soon
  • Hiring the wrong contractor
  • Lender Foreclosure
  • Property tax liens
  • Lawsuits and dispute resolution

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