Some buildings with fire damage.

Testimonies of Support for The Red Guide

Arizona Fire Chiefs AssociationArizona Fire Chiefs Association

This letter from the Arizona Fire Chiefs Association is sent in support of a disaster recovery resource that we feel will provide valuable information to the residents of Arizona who face the daunting task of recovering from a disaster. We have looked into “The Red Guide to Recovery” which has been adopted by the State of California and has support from the California Emergency Management Agency, the California Fire Chiefs’ Association, the California State Fire Marshal, and other emergency management and fire agencies there. Our understanding is that the author and publisher have offered to create a customized edition for the State of Arizona.  Read more…

City of Los AngelesCity of Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles purchased 30,000 copies of the Red Guide to Recovery in January 2014. Our order included English, Spanish, large print and copies in Braille. The majority of the Guides were distributed directly to City residents through an agreement with a local newspaper. Several copies were kept in stock for our Los Angeles Fire Department and local American Red Cross who give them directly to victims of an emergency.

Members of the Los Angeles City Council appreciate the unique customization of the Guide. The Emergency  Management Department worked with you to ensure contacts, maps and information were unique to the communities in our great City. This made it ideal for our residents.  Read more…

NTEMCNational Tribal Emergency Management Council

Tribal Emergency managers are faced with an overwhelming task of protecting their tribal communities and people.  Many times tribal communities are ill prepared for the devastating effects of a destructive incident and have little understanding of dealing with multiple federal, state, and local agencies.  Too often, tribes haven’t received the same level of funding, training, and resources provided to others entities by the federal and state governments.  “The Red Guide to Recovery – Native American and Alaska Native Edition” is an excellent resource for tribal emergency managers, tribal leaders, and tribal citizens that includes specific recovery information unique to tribal people.  Read more…

Nevada Fire Chiefs Assoc.Nevada Fire Chiefs Association

The Nevada Fire Chiefs Association (NFCA) is in support of The Red Guide to Recovery, a disaster recovery resource, that we feel will provide valuable information to the residents of Nevada that may experience a disaster and recovering from that disaster. The Red Guide to Recovery has been adopted by the California Fire Chiefs Association, the California State Fire Marshal, and other emergency management and fire agencies in California.  Read more…

Ready Northeast-ColoradoNortheast Colorado – Ready Northeast

I am writing in my capacity of spokesman for the Northeast Colorado Emergency Managers group Ready Northeast to fully endorse and strongly support the Red Guide Disaster Recovery Guidebook project.

The Emergency Managers of the northeast Colorado region have a continuing interest in assisting the citizens of Colorado to recover back to a normal state after a disaster or emergency incident. Disasters and emergency incidents can happen any time and any place. Colorado and our region specifically, were subject to large wildland fires in 2012 that destroyed hundreds of homes. Our region is also vulnerable to floods, tornadoes and other disasters that will destroy homes and property.  Read more…

NortWestFireNorthwest Fire District

I am writing this letter in support of a disaster recovery resource that will provide valuable information to the residents of Arizona who face the daunting task of recovering from a disaster. The Red Guide to Recovery is a resource handbook for disaster survivors that provides pertinent details to assist disaster survivors on their path to recovery, providing the tools they need to recover self-sufficiently. The handbook along with the Guide’s supplemental website found at, provide a complete road map of the steps individuals and families need to take to safely and seamlessly recover from natural or man-made disasters.  Read more…

OES-San DiegoSan Diego County Office of Emergency Services

The San Diego County region has experienced a number of disasters and during those times survivors are eager for information to assist with their recovery needs. The Red Guide to Recovery has been a valuable document which we provide at our Local Assistance Centers post disaster. During the initial days following a major event, residents have a lot of information to digest and reference materials which provide “step by step” instructions, like the Red Guide to Recovery are very beneficial.  Read more…

San Francisco Fire DepartmentSan Francisco Fire Department

The Red Guide to Recovery is a comprehensive resource that provides up to date information to individuals and families who must begin navigating through the complicated and often confusing process of recovery following a fire or other destructive event.

As a first responding agency we are focused on the response and mitigation of an incident but know all too well that when we leave a scene the road to recovery for most will be long and hard.

When we saw the Red Guide for the first time we knew that we wanted to be able to provide this to the residents of the City and County of San Francisco to give them some direction and to assist them in beginning the recovery process as soon as possible.  Read more…

San Francisco Dept of Emergency Mgmt.San Francisco Department of Emergency Management

The City and County of San Francisco recently purchased more than 4,000 copies of the Red Guide to Recovery. As a result, each fire engine in San Francisco now has multiple copies of the Red Guide on board. Firefighters are able to personally hand out copies of the guide to disaster survivors following a fire response incident. This puts disaster survivors on the road to recovery soon after the flames are extinguished.

The great appeal of the Red Guide is that all the important information a person might need to begin the rebuilding process after a disaster is under one cover. Yet the information is easy to access given the pocket size tab layout of the guide. For the San Francisco edition of the Red Guide, we worked closely with you to customize the information so that it is unique to San Francisco. Consequently, the San Francisco edition now includes more recovery information specific to renter and a separate chapter on recovery for persons with disabilities.
Read more…

Western Fire Chiefs AssociationWestern Fire Chiefs Association

The Western Fire Chiefs Association announces their support of “The Red Guide to Recovery” as a disaster recovery resource. The Western Fire Chiefs Association recognizes this book as a valuable information guide to those who face the daunting task of recovering from a disaster.  Read more…


The Red Guide to Recovery

Chief of Police Appreciation for Guide and Website

“After serving nearly forty years in Public Safety, I never thought that I would be the victim of a home disaster. When a drunk driver drove through the home of a family member, destroying the ground level, destabilizing the second story and disrupting the lives of three grandchildren and their parents, it was The Red Guide To Recovery – Resource Handbook for Disaster Survivors that became our bible and the source I turned to, to guide the family through the morass of insurance and contractor challenges to rebuild our family’s home. Becoming more informed and armed with factual resources and information contained in The Red Guide, we turned our family members from victims to survivors, returning them to their house and home.”

Sam Spiegel, Director of Emergency Services, Chief of Police – Retired, Folsom, CA

From a County Fire Chief

“As a retired fire chief, one thing that still bothers me about being a first responder was seeing the faces of the families when they returned to their neighborhoods after major fires — only to find everything they had was lost. It was heart wrenching to just drive away and see families sifting through their ashes not knowing where to begin — and how to start the recovery process. We should make it our goal to do everything possible to help them in the recovery process. We shouldn’t focus our entire career on response without giving more consideration to recovery. The Red Guide to Recovery is our answer. I only wish this publication was available to me when fires ripped through my district during the fire sieges in 2003 — and again in 2007 in Southern California.”

Pat A. Dennen, County Fire Chief / County Fire Warden – Retired

City of San DiegoSan Diego Fire Chief Javier Mainar Letter of Appreciation

“I wanted to share with you our experience that The Red Guide to Recovery has proven to be an excellent resource to aid victims of fire in our community.  As Chief of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, I implemented the distribution of your reference guide to citizens who have suffered from or are impacted by such emergencies.  As promised, this reference helps prepare victims for the issues they will face during the recovery phase in an unbiased, easy to understand manner.” Read more…

County of San Diego2011 State of The County Address by San Diego Supervisor Bill Horn

“It is hard to believe, but in September, America will mark the ten year anniversary of 9/11. This will be a time to honor the victims and the heroes and will serve as a painful reminder that the unthinkable can happen at any time and we need to be prepared.  Disaster preparedness has always been a top priority for me. As Chairman of the Board and of the Unified Disaster Council, this year will be no different.  I’m happy to say that since 9/11 the communication breakdown between agencies has been corrected.

We also need to be prepared to recover from disasters. Last year, with the help of the San Diego Fire Chiefs Association, Chief Augie Ghio, the Office of Emergency Services, and a concerned citizen named Sean Scott; we helped produce the most comprehensive individual guide to disaster recovery this County has ever seen. “The Red Guide to Recovery” is now on fire trucks throughout the region, ready to be given to those who have lost their homes or possessions in a disaster.

The County is more prepared for disaster than ever before thanks to Director Ron Lane and his outstanding team at the Office of Emergency Services. I will continue my work to ensure that Ron has all of the tools he needs to protect this County.” Read more…

San Diego Fire Chiefs AssociationLetter of Introduction for The Red Guide to Recovery by San Diego Fire Chief’s Association President August Ghio

“The Guide is customized to our specific area and has the support of all 55 fire agencies in San Diego County.  The format of the Guide was developed to provide a tool for fire companies to distribute to fire or disaster victims who have experienced property loss or damage.

As President of the San Diego Fire Chiefs’ Association I can honestly state that without this partnership our region would not have the ability to provide this essential post-incident recovery tool for our businesses and residents.” Read more…