Some buildings with fire damage.

Tax Relief Resources

Hurricane damageDisaster Resource Guide for Individuals and Businesses (PDF)
This 20-page document provides an overview of disaster assistance offered by the IRS.  It includes tips to help reconstruct your records to prove loss of personal‐use or business property.

Tax Credits for those Affected by Natural Disasters
This site from Intuit provides up-to-date information about record keeping, tax breaks and tax extensions.

Disaster Assistance and Emergency Relief for Individuals and Businesses
This site from the IRS provides information about special tax law provisions to help taxpayers and businesses recover financially from the impact of a disaster.

IRS Disaster Assistance Federally Declared Disaster Area (PDF) This one page PDF document summarizes how to deduct your loss for the prior year instead of waiting to file your current year return.

Property Damaged or Destroyed by Calamity – California Residents
If you live in California, Revenue and Taxation Code Section 170 (R&T 170) may provide property tax benefits after a disaster.

Tax Relief and Assistance for Loss Due to Natural Disaster – Montana Residents
If you are a Montana property owner who has experienced a loss of your dwelling, other buildings, or forestland due to a natural disaster, you may be eligible for property tax relief or an income tax filing extension.