Some buildings with fire damage.

Community and State Information

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) along with Tribal, State, and Local government agencies are working hard to protect and prepare our nation for emergencies.  Use these resources to find information for your state or county.

FEMA Directory Emergency Management State Offices
Click on an alphabetical list of state departments and agencies and direct links to their websites and contact information: State Offices and Agencies of Emergency Management Localized Ready Programs
Click on any state on the Ready America Information Map to find resources and information on preparedness in your community: Localized Ready Programs by State

National Association of Insurance Commissioners Map to State Insurance Departments
Click on a state to view the insurance department for your state where you can find company and agent licensing information: Insurance Commissioner Departments Map of States & Jurisdictions

Fire Department Directory
Click on a state to start your search for local U.S. fire department contacts: Fire Station Directory by State

Contractor’s License Reference Site
Use this map by state directory to see license requirements or find out if a contractor is licensed in that state: Contractor License Information by State