Some buildings with fire damage.

Lead Contamination in Structure Fires

Lessons learned from the Notre Dame Cathedral fire

On April 15, 2019, fire broke out beneath the roof of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral in Paris. Over 400 firefighters fought the blaze, which grew uncontrollably and consumed approximately two thirds of the roof structure, including the 300-foot wooden spire. This white paper provides information about the threat from lead fumes and fallout from a fire that burns lead or lead-containing materials, especially when the fire burns as hot as the Notre Dame fire at over 1,400° F.  In this paper you will discover common building and household items that may contain lead, how lead effects your health, and why testing for lead is so important to protect yourself and your family from lead contamination.

In this free tool:

  • The Unexpected Threat of Lead Fumes and Fallout
  • What is Lead?
  • Lead Contamination in New Buildings
  • Dangers of Lead Exposure to Workers, Families and Children
  • Carcinogenicity of Lead
  • Key Units of Measure for Lead
  • Considerations for Lead Testing

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