House fire

Hazards of Smoke

Hazards of Smoke PDF cover pageAfter a fire, you need to be aware of the toxic nature of the smoke, odor, and soot left behind. Although the structural stability of your home may be safe to re-enter, there are other hazards, many of which are invisible that may pose a serious threat to your health.

Structure fire smoke is a complex mixture of toxic gases, chemicals, and particles, which are generated from materials and products that burn. A typical structure fire may generate literally thousands of different chemicals and gases and many of these can be extremely dangerous to human health.

In this free tool:

  • What’s in Smoke?
  • Tips to Protect Yourself
  • Hazards of Soot
  • Toxic Chemicals & Gasses
  • Treated Lumber
  • Dioxins
  • Toxic Health Effects

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