Some buildings with fire damage.

Get an Emergency Kit

First responders and emergency relief support will be there for you after a disaster – however – it may take them hours or days to reach you.  Telephone (including cell phone service), electricity, water, and sewage services may be unavailable for days or weeks.

In some cases, you may need to evacuate immediately with time only to grab essentials.  Supplies and store access, or an option of neighbors to help you, may be limited or impossible to get to immediately after a disaster.

So be prepared with your own family emergency kit that contains items you need in the event of a disaster when access to food, water, and other basic supplies may be very limited.  A 3-day supply kit is a must have – ready to grab and go when you need it.

Make a Supply Kit

Emergency Supplies Checklist – Can You Go It Alone For 3 Days?
A one-page printable checklist of supplies to have on hand in case of emergency. and the California Governor’s Office recommend a 3-day emergency supply for your family.

Red Cross Preparedness: Beat Disaster with Preparedness
The American Red Cross and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have teamed up to answer common questions and provide guidance on steps you can take now to protect you and your loved ones. Find guidance on what emergency supplies to purchase and advice on food and water to disaster supplies kits. You will also find information on shelters, an explanation on quarantine and isolation situations, tools for coping.

Red Cross Safe and Well Registration
The Red Cross provides this website to let loved ones know you are safe after a disaster.  Register yourself and let your loved ones know you are okay, or search for missing family and friends.

Red Cross Disaster & Safety Library – Tips Sheets for a Variety of Disasters
View a variety of emergency specific preparedness materials from the American Red Cross.

Video: Create an Emergency Preparedness Kit

California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA) describes how one of the most essential elements of being prepared for any emergency is having an emergency preparedness kit.