Some buildings with fire damage.

Dioxins – The Most Hazardous Substance in Structure Fire Environments

Dioxins - The Most Hazardous Substance in Structure Fire Environments - PDF cover showing house on fireIn the fire restoration industry today, very little attention is given to the toxicity of volatile organic compounds  (VOC’s), heavy metals, or the composition of particulate matter and smoke residues. Tens of thousands of toxic chemicals, gases, acids, and hazardous substances are created in structure fire settings. Most concerns regarding toxic or hazardous substances are focused primarily on two Federally regulated materials: asbestos and lead. Typically, testing for the presence of these two hazardous materials depends largely on the age of the building, although lead and asbestos are often found in buildings built well after regulation cut off dates.

In this free tool:

  • What Are Dioxins and How Are They Created?
  • Smoke Webs – A Sign Of TCDD?
  • Human Health Risks of Exposure to TCDD
  • More Important Facts About TCDD
  • TCDD and Agent Orange
  • How Toxic is TCDD and How Does it Compare with Other Toxins?
  • Acute and Chronic Toxicity
  • PVC – A Major Source of TCDD
  • Who is at The Greatest Risk of Exposure to TCDD?

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How Dioxin Damages the Human Body

Dioxin! What Citizens, Workers and Policymakers Should Know